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  • Xiaomi Mi Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Pro black

    Xiaomi Mi Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 Pro black

    LDS Sensor

    The LDS sensor will scan the room 360-degree and create a room map through the SLAM algorithm. Additionally, it can store several floors map to improve cleaning efficiency.

    APP Remote Control

    Equipped with remote control on the app, you can manually control the Viomi robot cleaner to clean, like a remote control car.

    Zoned Cleaning + APP Virtual Wall

    Set the cleaning or non-cleaning area on the APP map, set the target, Roborock will build the cleaning map automatically on the way.

    APP Virtual Wall,you can draw the slices of virtual wall and prevent the robot vacuum from crossing.

    Self-charging and Keep Cleanings

    Runs for up to 2.5 hours, then automatically returns to its charge base to recharge and resume cleaning the unfinished work.

    2100Pa Suction + 3 Cleaning Mode

    Stronger suction, which can absorb floor dust and suck up large particles such as rice grains, soybeans, and steel balls.

    Sweeping and Mopping Function

    With the 560ml water tank, which is enough to mopping at once, no need to add water during the cleaning time. Sweeping first and then mopping, cleaning the floor effectively. 

    Mi Home App

    Help you connect to clean from anywhere, view maps of where your robot cleaned, and more.

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