Is the item that you’ve ordered not working correctly or broken? Or did you receive other items than you have ordered? Then please apply for RMA and we will review whether it is possible to return the goods to us.

When the item is faulty or defective upon you receiving it or any other reasons, please take photos or video and describe your problem accurately and get contact with us in the shortest time. Response will be given within 3 business days.

The customer based on EU Law can return the goods without any damaged within 14 days.

RMA requirements:

• All parts have to be returned in the original packing

• The parts have to be in a perfect (unless broken) condition and are unused.

• In case of a functional problem: Return period is 14 days after we have shipped your order.

• In case of a broken part: Return period is 14 days after we have shipped your order.

Please note: ITEM MUST BE RETURNED IN ORIGINAL & GOOD CONDITION AND PACKAGING. (Not a slight scratch or mark allowed).


A technician or expert is recommended for the installation.

We are not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory.

Depending on the problem, you have 14 days to send us an RMA request after we shipped your order. Please note that within this timeframe your RMA request has to be approved and the goods have to be received by our warehouse. After we've received the goods, we'll contact you as soon as possible and let you know whether it is possible to get a refund or to receive a replacement part.

If you want to return a product (apply items for RMA), you can only register via our web shop:


After you have logged in go to 'my orders' (My Invoice History) and

Then after the order in question.

Click on the 'Return Article' button (select to return the article), select the article you want to return and state the reason.

Then select the desired return action.

Upon reaction, you can further rewrite the problem.

Wait for a response from our employees.

You will be further informed by e-mail regarding the progress of the return status.


Or follow the procedure below:

1) Send an email to info@xlineparts.com with the following information:

Reason of return

·        Incorrect or broken item(s)

If you’ve received an incorrect or broken item then please send us a picture of the part(s) that you have received. Please contact us preferably within 48 hours.

·        Defective product

In case of a defective product please provide the additional information:

·        What is the part number? (You can find the part number on the invoice)

·        The invoice number.

·        Why does the item seem to be defect? Can you give a description of the symptom(s).

We will review the RMA request and send you a response soon. If your request has been approved then you’ll receive an RMA number from us by e-mail and the goods can be sent back to us.

2) Please print the RMA number with black letters on white paper, preferably with a large font size so that it is clearly visible. And stick it on top of the box or packing. Please make sure that it is attached to the packing well enough to be carried, transported so the RMA number remains visible and won't be removed from the package. Please send it to the following address:

Attn.: RMA Department

Address: MAKARIOU NO: 4


The costs for returning goods are at your own expense. Only if you’ve received an item which is incorrect and does not match the item of your order,

3) After we’ve received the returned goods, we’ll review your claim. In approximately one week to two weeks you’ll receive a response whether the claim request will be approved or not.

·        In case you’d like to receive a refund then you’ll receive a credit note from us by e-mail of the returned item(s). The amount of the refund will be transferred to you as soon as possible.

·        In case you’d like to receive a replacement item, you’ll receive an email of the delivery confirmation when we've shipped the replacement part(s). If there is sufficient stock then the replacement part will be shipped within a week.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about RMA requests.

Missing packages and lost goods

In case of missing packages or goods that got lost, please contact the shipping courier you’ve chosen to send the parts with

We will not be held responsible for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that you may cause

During the changing of replacement parts

There is a small "logo stamps technical sealing" tag on the back or side of the LCD and devices part, please don't take it off, if it was taken off or badly damaged, we won't admit the product, and there is no warranty anymore.

Each products Packed very well and safe, protective plastic case on the screens


1. before installation: Please test the functionality first before installing.

Dry testing is required before fully installing the replacement part. Failure to dry test before installation voids all warranties.

Be careful: The flex cable of the screen is very sensitive and is easily damaged. Handle carefully.

2. No instructions are provided for this listing. This is not an easy job for someone who has no experience at all.

Recommend Professional Installation:

Professional installation is highly advised. We will not be held responsible for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that you may cause during the changing of replacement parts.

1. Once shipment arrived, please CHECK if the products in GOOD condition. If any damage of the

Package please do not accept the package and feedback to us.

2. ALL LCD Tested working before sending, please DO NOT INSTALL before Testing. LET US

KNOW BEFORE INSTALLATION (ONLY Connect LCD to mainboard for testing), WARRANTY

VOID if LCD damaged after Installation. Order Non-Refundable! If you are satisfied with the

Products after testing. THEN you may install on your phone.

3.This limited guarantee is provided to the consumer of the product (“the Client”). It does not exclude nor does it limit any rights of the Client which are mandatory under the law.

The duration of the guarantee is 24 months and under no circumstances shorter than 24 months and it is valid from the date of purchase of the product by the client. If the product is replaced the duration of the warranty shall continue for the remaining part of the 24-month warranty period starting from the purchase invoice date.

During the warranty period, PLUS XLINE PARTS LTD will repair for free, replace the defective product for free, or the agreement may be denounced according to law 7(I) of 2000 article 7 paragraph 6 and provided that the notification of the defect of the product is performed in less than 2 months from the occurrence, according to law 7(I) of 2000 article 7 paragraph 2 upon its sole discretion.

PLUS XLINE PARTS LTD will return the repaired or other product to their client in a working condition. If a defective part is being repaired then the component shall be changed. In case of repair, the defective part will be changed. The term “part” means all parts of the product including its main chip (engine). All replaced components or other equipment which have been replaced shall become the property of PLUS XLINE PARTS LTD .

This limited warranty does not apply for natural wear and tear. Also, it does not apply if: 


Inform us WITHIN 3 DAYS after receiving the parcel if you are dissatisfied with products (Real

Pictures, videos and other evidence must be given, especially the "logo stamps technical sealing" tag to prove you bought the item for us), then we will offer replacement /refund if the products are not as

Described. We will treat that the products received in good condition and working well as

Described if it’s BEYOND 3 DAYS.

 4. After Installation of LCD in mobile phone there is no more guarantee for replacement.

5. If the item is your possession more than 60 days, it is considered used /second –hand.

The products of xlineparts.com are covered by warranty .

The xlineparts.com has no liability whatsoever for the partial or complete loss of data, which may be due to a defect of the electronic appliance, whether this is due to a manufacturing fault (in which case it is excluded from the warranty), or due to a user’s fault (in which case it is excluded from the warranty).

Xlineparts.com shall not be liable for their repair. The company is only liable to inform the client and to request consent for additional charges. If any product is deemed out of its warranty period due to the then the fault is not regarded as being factory or manufacturer orientated and handling costs may be incurred to the customer if the repair cost is denied.

Warm reminded: To avoid man-made damage in the process of using thus made it out of warranty scope, please test

All the products before installation

Man-made damage to products, such as flex cable damage, scratches, glass lens breakage, bezel frame damage,

Water damage, etc. as the following pictures show:

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