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  • Ezviz Smart Home Battery Security Camera CS-BC1

    Ezviz Smart Home Battery Security Camera CS-BC1 Add-On Camera

    Requires Ezviz BC1 Base Station

    Add-on camera for expanded protection.
    Used together with a base Station, the BC1 wire-free camera delivers well-rounded home protection for up to a full year on one single charge. The BC1 inherits EZVIZ’s core technologies of color night vision, two-way talk, active defense, and more, showcasing unparalleled usability in any household.

    • 1080p Video

    • Smart Human Motion Detection

    • Two-Way Talk

    • H.265 Video Compression

    • 12,900 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

    • Active Defense

    • IP66 Dust and Water Protection

    • Must be Paired with the Base Station

    • Color Night Vision

    • Customizable Voice Alerts

    • Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

    • Works with EZVIZ Solar Panel for Battery Charging

    Year-long protection on a single charge.
    Equipped with an impressive 12,900 mAh rechargeable battery, the BC1 can last for up to a year on one full battery charge, offering you 365-day* peace of mind.

    Vivid night vision.
    Thanks to two built-in spotlights, the BC1 can render vivid color imaging even in pitch-black darkness. This allows you to see crucial details that would otherwise be lost.

    Motion alerts are more accurate than ever.
    Integrating a PIR sensor and the person-shape detection algorithm, the BC1 camera is intelligent enough to distinguish persons from other moving objects, keeping you safe while also reducing unwanted notifications.

    A vigilant guard over your property.
    Users can set specific time frames for detection. Once the camera detects a person-shape, the BC1 will automatically set off a siren and flash two spotlights* to let them knowthey have been detected.

    Customizable voice messages.
    A thoughtful product by design, the BC1 allows you to create unique voice messages* for greeting or deterrence.

    Talk as if you were there.
    See and hear what’s going on and chat with your visitors—all with a tap on the EZVIZ App!

    Fast and easy wire-free setup.
    Featuring a large battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a magnetic base, the BC1 camera requires exactly zero professional help in installation. Simply attach the camera to any metallic surface and it is good to go!

    Built to last.
    The BC1 camera features an IP66 enclosure, offering high levels of protection against dust and water and delivering long-lasting protection in even the toughest weather conditions.

    Work with the Base Station* for steady performance.
    Operating through cable connection, the base station ensures that the BC1 cameras can enjoy a more stable internet status even at long distances, which also helps extend the cameras’ battery life.

    • Up to 4 BC1 cameras

    • Easy pairing in seconds

    • Built-in 125 dB siren

    • MicroSD card slot (up to 256 GB)

    BC1 helps you save money on storage and bandwidth.
    The BC1 camera features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space required by the previous H.264 video compression standard.

    We protect your data and privacy.
    Protecting your data and privacy is our highest priority. Data transmission between the camera and the EZVIZ Cloud is encrypted from end to end. Only you have the keys to decrypt your data.

    • AES 128-bit encryption

    • TLS encryption protocol

    • Multiple authentication steps


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