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  • Car Window Breaking Flashlight Baseus Savior tarnish

    Car Window Breaking Flashlight Baseus Savior tarnish


    • Baseus Savior Window Breaking Flashlight
    • Material Aluminum Alloy
    • Color Black/Tarnish
    • Process Oxidation
    • Application Vehicles
    • Weight 152g
    • Break the Window at Once
      You Only Live Once
      The tungsten steel head has a Rockwell
      hardness of 55, which is indestructible and can easily cut tempered glass.
    • Easy to Break the Window under the Pressure
      By adopting the working principle of guns, the spring is compressed to accumulate energy and is released to unleash the energy instantly so as to drive the tungsten steel head to hit the glass, like pulling the trigger. 6kg of strong impact force is concentrated on the corner of the glass to break the tempered glass.
    • Both a Flashlight and a Warning Light
      Dual light modes can be switched with a twist
    • 5 Hours of Long Battery Life
      Stay with You From Midnight to Dawn
      Built-in 2200mAh high-capacity batteries for up to 5 hours of continuous illumination
    • A 50 Meter Beam Distance to
      illuminate the Way
      High-brightness LED light source offers a 50 meter beam distance in solid light mode. It’s no longer dark wherever you want to see, guiding your way.
    • Anti-lost Window
      Breaking Flashlight
      Included a base for storage, which can be pasted in the car and is easy to access.
    • Simplified Style to Match Your Car Better
      The integrated design makes it compact and easy to hold. The simplified style and metal materials match the style of your car.